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14 October 2015

TTE has welcomed nine aspiring engineers from across the UK to Teesside after they were accepted onto Northumbrian Water Group’s (NWG) prestigious apprenticeship scheme.

The apprentices, who are a mix of electrical and mechanical engineers, will spend two years at TTE’s Southbank facility, in Middlesbrough, before shadowing experienced Northumbrian Water engineers for the remaining two years on operational sites.

Upon completion of the four-year training programme, the young people will move straight into a technician role and become an integral part of the Northumbrian Water team.

The students, Kieron Marr, Luke Barrass, Carl Eddon, Jack Adams, Adam McCabe, Dylan Lowes, Kristofer Brown, Jordan Cuthbertson and Lewis McArthur were selected after impressing during interviews and competency tests.

During their time at TTE, the trainees will spend two years working towards respected vocational and technical qualifications, spending a large proportion of their time in its uniquely equipped workshops. As part of the programme, TTE will provide accommodation for six of the group who live outside of the Tees Valley.

Northumbrian Water has been working in collaboration with TTE since the launch of its apprenticeship programme in 2008; it forms part of the company’s forward-thinking workforce development plans, which allows new and young talent to enter the company and water industry.

Whilst at Northumbrian Water, the trainees will develop the skills, behaviours and knowledge that will enable them to adhere to safe working practices, locate, diagnose and solve faults on equipment and complete maintenance on a range of waste and water systems.

Dave Thompson, Partnerships Manager at TTE, said: “Apprenticeships form a core part of the skills development of companies like Northumbrian Water and we’re delighted to welcome its latest group of apprentices. The training we deliver has been tailored to ensure it complements the Water Industry Trailblazer model as well as fits with NWG’s business needs. The fact that such a well-respected company such as Northumbrian Water continues to choose TTE as it preferred training partner is a great endorsement.”

Tracey Greener, Training Contracts Manager at Northumbrian Water, said: “TTE has consistently delivered exceptional training to our apprentices, who have since gone on to become successful technicians in our company. Businesses have a responsibility to help develop and educate those who will be relied upon in the future and we demonstrate this commitment by supporting more than 9,000 young people every year with our employability programmes. Our apprenticeship programme is key to meeting our future workforce needs and in building a highly skilled workforce.”

Northumbrian Water Group supplies 2.7 million customers with water and wastewater services in the North East, operating as Northumbrian Water, and 1.8 million customers with water services in Essex and Suffolk, operating as Essex & Suffolk Water. The water company will take on 60 apprentices between 2015 and 2020.


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