Good news for users of A67

12 July 2013

Following detailed reports from technical surveyors, Darlington Borough Council’s Highways team is now planning to reopen the road on the A67 following the landslip at Carlbury.

The road will be re-opened on Tuesday 16 July with traffic lights in place and a 30mph speed limit.

Bus services will recommence along the A67 from Sunday 28 July. The mini bus service will be withdrawn once normal bus services are resumed.

The road was closed in March following significant movement of the slip.

Recent reports are showing that the rate of land movement has stabilised. The Council has worked a much better understanding of the slip and the geology under the roads. This, combined with expert advice, is allowing one side of the road to re-open under traffic light control. However, this decision will be under constant review and, should any circumstances change, the Council may have to re-close the road.

This is a difficult and complex problem and we will know more when the full Geotechnical report is received by the Council in late August. It is probable that any solution could mean that the road will need to be closed for significant periods whilst these works are undertaken.

The Council has also worked closely with Northumbrian Water as they have two water mains in the vicinity of the landslip. The water company has carried out work to ensure that peoples’ water supply is not affected by the landslip.

During the closure some local roads were used as “unofficial” diversion routes and suffered damage from the extraordinary traffic levels. There will be planned closures of Durham Lane at the junction of Ulnaby Lane for a period of time to prevent further deterioration, to encourage use of the re-opened A67 and allow investigations and essential safety maintenance.

Councillor David Lyonette, Darlington Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport said:
“This is excellent news. The landslip has caused delays, inconvenience to residents and frustrations to road users and local businesses. Our Highways team has worked hard with Northumbrian Water to find a solution – albeit temporary at the moment, to the problem.

Due to the complex nature of the work, a more permanent solution is further away. However, I am pleased that progress is being made.”

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