UPDATE: Landslip on the A67 at Low Carlbury between High Coniscliffe and Piercebridge

28 March 2013

Darlington Borough Council is continuing to manage the impacts of the landslip on the A67 at Low Carlbury between High Coniscliffe and Piercebridge.

A road closure remains in place in the interests of public safety. The main concern being the potential impact of movement of earth on significant Northumbrian Water (NWL) mains located underneath the road.

Should the water mains rupture, there is a risk that the road could suffer immediate and significant damage.

NWL are in the process of reducing the water flow in one of the mains in a controlled manner. A geotechnical specialist has been appointed by the Council to provide guidance and advice.

Measures are being taken by NWL to reduce pressure in the water mains to allow investigations to take place. When this has happened we will be in a better position to investigate solutions - it is regrettable that given the nature of the site the road maybe closed for a significant period, possibly months if works have to be carried out to support the road or the mains.

Cllr David Lyonette, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “This is a difficult and frustrating situation; the uncertainty around the stability of the landslip and impact this could have on the water mains prevent us from allowing use of the road or footpath.

“The safety of residents and road users must be our first priority and therefore the road and footway has to remain closed whilst investigations are underway.

“We do realise there are a range of issues caused by the road closure and we are committed to working with residents and businesses to limit the impact wherever possible.”

Council officers will be visiting all identified businesses in the area to discuss concerns and plans for the road closure in greater detail.

Council officers will also be meeting with members of the Parish Council and ward councillors to ensure community concerns are being raised and dealt with wherever possible over the coming weeks.

Council officers are working with local health services and NWL to identify vulnerable adults or children located in area and are responding to any concerns in relation to these individuals.

The impacts on public transport, rights of way, signage, transport to schools and colleges and diversions are currently being assessed - with a view to working with residents and public transport services to provide support and assistance to the community wherever possible.

In the meantime, it is asked that residents remain alert to any issues that may arise due to the road closure and act as a ‘good neighbour’ – reporting any distress or concerns to the relevant organisations and providing assistance to neighbours who require support or who may not have easy access to their private transport.

Council officers will remain on duty throughout the Easter Bank Holidays to monitor the landslip as well as continue to review traffic management.

There is a signed diversion in place which directs traffic from Piercebridge along the B6275, via Staindrop Road then Carmel Road North.

Arriva have diverted the service 75 and 76 along Staindrop Road to avoid the road closure. As a consequence this service will not run along the section of the A67 between Piercebridge and Carmel Road North roundabout.

The provision of a temporary ‘shuttle-bus’ is being explored and it is likely a further announcement will be made on this in the week commencing Monday 1st April.

The number 14 footpath is also closed due to the landslip

We have contacted residents by letter along the affected areas. Updates on the landslip and road closure will be in the press, on this page, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

A Council e-mail address has been set up for residents wanting to raise issues specific to the landslip and road closure at feedback@darlington.gov.uk (please note e-mails will be responded to following the Easter Break when the office re-opens Tuesday 2nd April).

Ward councillors contact details

Ward councillors - Cllr Paul Crudass - 01325 374537 - Paul.crudass@darlington.gov.uk 

Cllr Gerald Lee - 01325 314622 - Gerald.lee@darlington.gov.uk

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