Marden Quarry reopens and gets ready for spring

06 March 2013

Marden Quarry – which is one of North Tyneside’s four Green Flag parks - is back in operation as extensive repair works near completion and improvements begin.

And Elected Mayor, Mrs Linda Arkley has confirmed that additional investment in the planned improvements for the Quarry will benefit local wildlife and increase enjoyment for park users.

Mrs Arkley said: “I am delighted we have been able to get this much-loved space back into use and make sure we have got the Quarry ready for spring.

“I am pleased the repair work is almost complete and I am grateful for the work we have been able to do with Northumbrian Water and the local community.

“I want to thank everyone for their efforts and the public for their patience.”

Repeated heavy rain and flooding in the area, combined with blocked drainage, meant that water levels in the park’s lake rose dramatically last year, closing footpaths, damaging a cliff edge and forcing the council to close the area to the public.

But close work between Northumbrian Water and the council has meant that the drainage has now been cleared and hundreds of thousands of gallons have safely flowed out of the lake to bring it back to its normal levels.

Northumbrian Water assisted by unblocking tree roots in the private pipe which will help to prevent future flooding. The work has also accelerated the water flow, which in turn has lowered the water levels of the lake.

Apart from the cliff face area near the car park and one stretch of path, the park is now open to the public.
Over the next few weeks the cliff will be repaired and a series of improvements will be made to the park.

Plans are in place to improve footpaths and repair walls, the kissing gate and park furniture.

Wildlife in the area will also be enhanced with the installation of new bird boxes and feeding stations, wildflower planting and continued selective pruning of the vegetation.

The reopening of the Quarry means that its regular and popular activities will resume including bat and nature walks.

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