Straight plc contract with Northumbrian Water

15 August 2011

Straight plc (AIM: STT), the environmental products and services group, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract by Northumbrian Water Limited to supply a range of products and services designed to improve domestic water conservation.

The contract, worth more than £0.6m over two years, will benefit customers of Northumbrian Water and its sister company, Essex & Suffok Water.

The package includes a number of water-saving devices including flow-reducing tap adaptors, intuitive trigger-action hose guns and environmentally-friendly water butts.

A specially produced water-saving kit will also be made available consisting of a flow-adjusting Tapmagic adaptor, Showermagic shower flow regulator, save-a-flush, five-minute shower timer, universal sink plug and educational material. For added convenience, Straight plc′s unique network of independent couriers will be providing a home delivery service on all of the water butts.

Straight has long maintained a commitment to water conservation and with the addition of these new partnerships, the Company now works in collaboration with 17 water companies across the UK enabling them to meet their statutory requirements, promote water conservation and good practice in the process.

Jonathan Straight, Chief Executive of Straight plc, said: “We are delighted to be assisting Northumbrian Water Limited in its water conservation efforts, and our high calibre products are ideally suited to the market. We are pleased to work in tandem with water companies to encourage the public to save water, and look forward to continuing this campaign over the coming years.”

Martin Lunn, Northumbrian Water Limited’s supply demand strategy manager, said: “Our partnership with Straight will help to further promote the responsibility we all have to think about how we use tap water and the associated energy used to treat it, We should use what we need but not waste this precious resource. Simple changes in our daily routines and using saving water devices can make a big difference.”

For further information: please contact:

Straight plc
Jonathan Straight, Chief Executive 07977 002 366

Redleaf Communications
Rebecca Sanders-Hewett/Jenny Bahr 0207 566 6700

Northumbrian Water
Cara Hall 0191 301 6720

Cenkos Securities 0207 397 8980
Ivonne Cantu (Nomad)
Christian Hobart (Sales)

About Straight plc

• Northumbrian Water Limited supplies 2.6 million customers in North East England with water and wastewater services, trading as Northumbrian Water, and 1.8 million customers in South East England with water services, trading as Essex & Suffolk Water.

• Straight plc is the UK′s leading supplier of specialist kerbside recycling containers as well as being a key supplier of a broad range of waste and recycling container solutions. Founded in 1993 by the current Chief Executive, Jonathan Straight, the business has since supplied more than 25 million kerbside boxes, baskets and caddies to local authorities across the UK, securing its position as the industry leader.

• The business operates through two divisions. The core Trade Business supplying products in bulk to local authorities, utilities, the waste industry, retailers and other businesses and the Retail Business supplying a range of proprietary environmentally friendly consumer products directly to the public, often in partnership with a local authority or a utility.

• In 2010 two acquisitions changed the business model, which previously relied on outsourced manufacture. In March 2010 Straight acquired the business and assets of the UK business of Helesi plc giving it a proprietary position in the wheeled bin market. This was followed in August 2010 by the acquisition of Powell Plastics, a key supplier of injection moulded products to the group. The Powell factory, in Hull, has since been developed to include a blow moulding capability.

• In February 2009, Straight added to its portfolio with the acquisition of Harcostar Garden Products, a long established premium brand consisting of water butts, compost bins, watering cans and accessories. This gained new distribution channels for the business in the UK and in Europe.

• In 2005, Straight acquired Blackwall Limited, the UK′s largest supplier of home composters and water butts. Through the Blackwall brand, Straight has delivered more than 3.5 million compost bins and water butts.

• Almost two thirds of the products the Group supplies are now produced in Straight′s own factory.

• By the end of Q1 2011 almost two thirds of the products supplied will be produced in Straight’s own factory which is currently being expanded.

• Straight plc has established diverse overseas sales channels for its products, some of which are manufactured locally to their markets in North America and in Australia. Other markets are serviced from UK production.
Further information about the company and its products can be found at:

About the London Waste and Recyclng Board (LWARB)

The London Waste and Recycling Board was established by the GLA Act 2007 to promote and encourage the production of less waste, an increase in the proportion of waste that is re-used or recycled and the use of methods of collection, treatment and disposal of waste which are more beneficial to the environment in London. The Board, chaired by the Mayor′s representative, James Cleverly, Assembly Member, working in conjunction with London Councils, has a budget to improve waste management in the capital. 

About the Flats Recycling Programme

The programme aims to help authorities overcome common barriers that affect recycling performance on flats and high-rise properties by funding new recycling collection infrastructure such as dedicated recycling chutes and underground collection containers to address issues with space, through to incentive schemes to boost and maintain participation in existing services. 

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