Northumbrian Water′s Branch Out scheme, which offers grants of up to £25,000 to projects helping the natural environment, wildlife and communities, is making a last call for applications before the deadline of the current round of funding approaches.

Since launching in 2013, Branch Out has awarded grants worth over £400,000 across nearly 100 different projects, and in 2017 was a finalist in the prestigious Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards, which recognises excellence and innovation in sustainability.

Northumbrian Water′s Conservation and Land Manager, Stuart Pudney, said: "We are immensely proud of the scheme and the work we do to support not only local organisations but also the region′s wildlife. A healthy natural environment is essential for us to supply clear, great tasting drinking water.

"Since the launch of Branch Out, it has made a really significant contribution in helping a range of local groups and wildlife charities build resilience and adaption to the changing climate, whilst enabling communities to reconnect with wildlife."

Applications for Branch Out funding are reviewed every six months and are welcomed from organisations, community groups and individuals from the public, private, voluntary and education sectors within Northumbrian Water′s operating area. The deadline for the current round of funding is August 31, 2019.

Durham Wildlife Trust, on behalf of Marlborough Primary School in Washington, made a successful bid for the creation of a natural pond, receiving a grant of £2,500 from Northumbrian Water.

Ruth Smith from Durham Wildlife Trust, said: "We got the funding from Northumbrian Water so that′s enabled us to design the pond, buy all the goods for it, like the fence, the liner, pond plants, and also come in and do a bit of education with the children.

"We′ve had help off Northumbrian Water volunteers which has been absolutely wonderful."

Projects can also be supported by ‘Just an Hour′, Northumbrian Water′s employee volunteering programme.

All applications will be carefully considered and judged against set criteria. Full details on how to apply are available at

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