We are looking to create a flood - on Twitter!


The hashtag #NECoast has occasionally been used in the past to celebrate the stunning North East coastline, and our work plays a big part in keeping it pristine.

So, let′s celebrate it and show as many people as possible just how beautiful it is.

We are going to take to Twitter to create a moment in time when we hope the hashtag #NECoast, accompanied by pictures of the region′s coastline, will trend as widely as possible.

We′ve selected 4pm on Friday 9 September, as our "#NECoast moment" and we want you to get involved.

If you have photos showing off the beauty of the North East coast, or simply a shot that shows what our coastline means to you, we want you to Tweet it out at the #NECoast moment, using the hashtag.

The end result will, we hope, be a part of Twitter flooded with the beauty of our coastline.

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