Wingrove businesses in line for water, money and energy saving support


Businesses in the Wingrove area of Newcastle are being given an opportunity to save money and energy by learning about ways to use water more efficiently.

Northumbrian Water’s award-winning ‘Every Drop Counts’ water conservation project is focusing on Wingrove, having previously proved successful in parts of Northumberland. Free audits are being offered to assess businesses′ water usage. The project will also create opportunities to have a range of devices installed, including dual flush mechanisms for toilets and aerated shower heads, helping to save water.

The campaign has been backed by Wingrove-based business leaders and has delivered results for businesses in other areas.


Chair and Founder of Asian Business Connexions, Ammar Mirza CBE said: "As an organisation headquartered within the Wingrove area that represents and supports a large number of businesses, we would encourage everyone to take up the offer of a free assessment. With an economic climate that is forcing businesses to look more closely at saving money this is a great opportunity to obtain expert advice with the potential of reducing costs and having a positive impact.


"The other aspect I really like about this initiative is that it is locally focused, delivered by Northumbrian Water Group and brings the whole community together around a common purpose of reducing water consumption." 


Over the past three years, as part of its Every Drop Counts programme, Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) has worked with businesses, such as Bourne Leisure Limited, to successfully implement water reduction programmes.


Bourne Leisure Limited, one of Britain’s leading Leisure Companies has committed to reduce its water usage by 20% by 2020 and the partnership with Northumbrian Water has seen water consumption at four key holiday resorts, including Haggerston Castle Holiday Park, reduced by 12%.  


Bourne Leisure has worked with caravan manufacturers resulting in retrofitting of old fleet with reduced flush volumes in toilets and thermostatically controlled flow restrictors on hot basin and kitchen tap as standard.


Bourne Leisure spends almost £10 million a year on water, representing around 23% of its overall utility expenditure. Taking a ‘whole-site’ approach, this innovative programme also saw the partnership retrofit the parks′ onsite communal buildings and the static caravans, resulting in measured and quantifiable water savings.


Results indicate that caravans kitted out with water saving gadgets saved on average 37.55 litres per caravan per day compared with an unconverted caravan. This difference is the equivalent to 66 pints!


Every Drop Counts was recognised as an "inspirational and transformational initiative" at the Sustainable Water Industry Group (SWIG) Awards 2015 and Wingrove is the latest area to become a focus of the campaign. 


In 2014 and 2015, Northumbrian Water ran this whole-town approach to saving water across Wooler and Berwick, in Northumberland. By reducing the amount of hot water they used, businesses also enjoyed savings on energy bills.


The campaign reflects Northumbrian Water′s own work to maximise efficiency by constantly and proactively monitoring and managing its network, reducing and repairing leaks in the system and ensuring the needs of customers, communities and the environment are met.


The company also is proactive in saving energy through the use of of solar and hydro power, as well as advanced anaerobic digestion - known as "power from poo".


Clair Cooper, Northumbrian Water’s demand planning project manager, said: "We have seen the whole town approach to saving water work in Berwick and Wooler, and now we are working in Wingrove to help our customers there to save water, energy and money.


"It costs the customer nothing to have their business premises assessed and to receive installation of water-saving devices that will not just save them water, but potentially energy and money, too.


"Some of the methods of reducing water usage are so simple, they often get missed by business owners, but our team will give an expert assessment and identify what can be done."


Northumbrian Water is working with Crowder Consulting on the retrofit project.



To find out more and request a free audit, people can visit or e-mail

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