Every drop counts delivers water efficiency


Residents and businesses in the set of Newcastle are being given an opportunity to save money and energy by learning about ways to use less water in their homes.

Northumbrian Water’s award-winning ‘Every Drop Counts’ water conservation project will help people in Wingrove to save water by assessing their water usage. Audits will identify opportunities to install a range of devices, including dual flush mechanisms for toilets and aerated shower heads, helping to save water.

Every Drop Counts was recognised as an “inspirational and transformational initiative” at the Sustainable Water Industry Group (SWIG) Awards 2015 and parts of west Newcastle have become the latest focus of the campaign, which is now targeting Wingrove, Fenham, Benwell and Elswick, an area encompassing around 11,000 properties.

In 2014 and 2015, Northumbrian Water ran this whole-town approach to saving water across Wooler and Berwick, in Northumberland, with more than 1,700 customers taking part, saving approximately 75,000 litres of water per day, on average 44 litres per day per household, and £36 off their annual metered water bill.

By reducing the amount of hot water they used in the home, customers also enjoyed savings on energy bills.

The campaign reflects Northumbrian Water′s own work to maximise efficiency by constantly and proactively monitoring and managing its network, reducing and repairing leaks in the system and ensuring the needs of customers, communities and the environment are met.

The company also is proactive in saving energy through the use of of solar and hydro power, as well as advanced anaerobic digestion - known as "power from poo".

Clair Cooper, Northumbrian Water’s demand planning project manager, said: “Some of the methods of reducing water usage are so simple, they often get missed by home and business owners, but our team will give an expert assessment that will identify what can be done.

“It costs the customer nothing to have their home or business premises assessed and to receive installation of water-saving devices that will not just save them water, but potentially energy and money, too.

“We have seen the whole town approach to saving water work in Berwick and Wooler, and now we are working in Wingrove to help our customers there to save water, energy and money."

Newcastle City Councillor Nigel Todd, Ward Councillor for Wingrove and a member of the Greening Wingrove community partnership project, said: "Many people in this area will benefit from understanding more about what can be achieved without them having to go to trouble or expense. The fact that saving water can also help to reduce energy bills will really appeal to a lot of residents, so this is a great opportunity to help people to become more aware of water efficiency and to take some real steps towards introducing it to their homes and businesses."

Northumbrian Water is working with Crowder Consulting on the retrofit project.

Christine Walkden, television presenter and gardener, well known for her appearances on BBC1′s The One Show, will also be visiting Wingrove in August to give a talk about the top ways to save water in your garden or backyard.

Christine will be at Nunsmoor Centre, Studley Terrace, Wingrove NE4 5AH on Wednesday 24th August 2016. Please arrive from 7:30pm with the talk starting at 8pm. All welcome and free of charge, though booking is required.

To book your FREE place at this talk, please either call: 01268 664330 or email: demand.planning@eswater.co.uk mentioning that it is the Wingrove talk and the number of places your require.

To find out more about the Every Drop Campaign in Wingrove, including opportunities for businesses, and to request a free audit, people can visit www.nwl.co.uk/everydropcounts or e-mail savingwater@nwl.co.uk.

To find out more and request a free audit, people can visit www.nwl.co.uk/everydropcounts or e-mail savingwater@nwl.co.uk.

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