£1 billion of investment flows

Treatment works


Contracts worth more than £1 billion have been awarded to maintain excellent quality tap water, reduce sewer flooding and protect the environment.

Northumbrian Water Group has announced a further five framework agreements with five companies, worth £500 million, to upgrade its vast network of sewer and water pipes and water and wastewater treatment assets.

The ten-year contracts have been awarded to Esh Construction and MWH in a joint venture, Mott MacDonald Bentley, Interserve and Integrated Water Services.

The £50 million-a-year deals will begin on Thursday October 1 2015 and work will be carried out in the North East of England and in Northumbrian Water’s southern region where it operates as Essex & Suffolk Water.

John McGovern, Northumbrian Water Group’s Head of Asset Delivery, said: "These partnership agreements clearly demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers, who rely on us every day, with an excellent service and to protecting the environment. The contracts will boost the economy of our region and of the local communities we serve and will also support employment.

"We are working closely with all companies involved to ensure the smooth transition of contracts and we look forward to working with those appointed. Having long-term framework agreements in place will enable better planning, relationship building and the transfer of in-depth knowledge and skills. As a result of the security that this work brings, those who have won contracts will also be able to further invest in their own businesses, people and systems."

These latest contract awards follow the announcement of partnership agreements, worth £580 million, with Esh Construction, based in County Durham, and Seymour Civil Engineering Contractors, based in Hartlepool, to repair and maintain Northumbrian Water’s vast 30,000 kilometre sewer network. Fastflow Pipeline Services, based in Washington, Crossglade and Lowman, who are both based in Essex, and T4 Survey, based in Ipswich, will maintain and upgrade 26,000 kilometres of water pipes in the North East, Essex and Suffolk.

Steve Tetlow, Bidding and Strategy Director of Mott MacDonald Bentley, based in Durham, said: "We are delighted to have been appointed to these two new frameworks with Northumbrian Water Group. They build on our decade long relationship, and allow us to extend the investment in our local resource base. The water and wastewater networks framework will see us undertaking planned maintenance on sewers and strategic water mains, and installing property level flood protection measures on domestic and commercial properties. The water and wastewater treatment framework will involve improving a wide range of assets including treatment works, boreholes, pumping stations and reservoirs. We look forward to working with the other successful framework companies as ′one team′, to deliver high levels of customer service in the most efficient way."

Stephen Wilkie, Regional Managing Director of Esh Construction, based in County Durham, said: "Together with our colleagues at MWH, with whom we have worked for over 10 years, we are proud and delighted to have been awarded this contract. Our joint venture company will be delivering five main areas of planned maintenance to Northumbrian Water’s water and wastewater networks. These range from short term flood damage mitigation to significant long term, large-scale capital projects designed to improve overall asset infrastructure. This contract extends our working relationship with Northumbrian Water with whom we have worked for over 20 years and is in addition to the reactive wastewater maintenance contract which we won earlier this year."

Cath Schefer, Managing Director of MWH UK commented: ‘"We’re delighted with our appointment to this framework contract with our partners Esh. It is a great opportunity to bring our complementary capabilities to meet the challenges of AMP6 and the Totex environment. We look forward to working collaboratively with the other framework partners to drive efficiencies and ‘best in class’ customer service."

Chris Tyerman, Interserve’s Managing Director for Infrastructure, based in Berkshire, said: "The collaborative approach sought by Northumbrian Water Group for this framework is very much aligned with our vision, values and objectives. Continuing to provide specialist design and construction services for water and wastewater treatment projects is a key part of our strategy to develop, improve and maintain critical infrastructure for key customers. We are proud and excited to be part of this long term partnership that continues our association with Northumbrian Water Group."

Steve Suffolk, Managing Director of Integrated Water Services, based in Walsall, West Midlands, said: "We have worked with Northumbrian Water Group for more than 17 years and I am delighted that we are to continue to work together and help them to continue to supply their customers in Essex and Suffolk with excellent quality tap water. This type of landmark contract, which will involve upgrading, designing, constructing and commissioning water treatment assets, has a substantial requirement for highly skilled field engineers which we are proud to be able to offer on a long term basis."

Northumbrian Water Group supplies 2.7 million people with water and waste water services in the North East and 1.8 million people with water services in Essex and Suffolk.

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