Life giving legacies

Young girl in Madagascar enjoying clean safe water


The legacy of kind-hearted folk from our region will live on by saving others lives.

Over the last ten years, people across the North East have left more than £1.8million in their will to Northumbrian Water’s adopted international charity partner, WaterAid.

WaterAid, which transforms lives by providing access to clean water, safe sanitation and hygiene education, has been supported by Northumbrian Water since 1981.

As part of Remember a Charity Week (7 – 13 September), the water company are encouraging people to think about leaving a gift to the charity in their will, after they have looked after family and friends.

Northumbrian WaterAid Chairman, Andrew Blakemore, said: “Our customers, who have helped us to raise such an incredible amount of money over the last ten years by leaving it to WaterAid, have given people hope and a future, saving 120,000 lives in some of the world’s poorest communities.

“We take top quality water for granted in the UK and most people don’t give a second thought to what happens after we flush the loo. It is not acceptable that in this day and age 1,400 children die every day because they don’t have a toilet or tap in the developing world.

“It costs just £15.00 to provide safe clean water to one person and the charity receives a significant amount of essential income from supporters who kindly leave gifts in their wills.

“Remember a Charity Week gives people the opportunity to take a moment to reflect on their legacy and consider charities like WaterAid."

Northumbrian Water recently pledged to raise £1 million over the next five years to support WaterAid projects in Madagascar.

As part of the national Remember a Charity Week campaign, six pensioners have already pledged their support and signed their wills at 10′000ft, while skydiving alongside a solicitor.

Teamed with local campaigns, the week′s activities aim to highlight the fact that although over a third of the population (35%) say they’d happily leave a charitable gift in their will once family and friends had been provided for, only 7% actually do.

Rob Cope, director of Remember a Charity, added: "Gifts in wills are the foundation of many of Britain′s charities, creating nearly £2 billion for the provision of critical services each year. We hope Remember a Charity Week 2015 will reach our biggest audience to date thanks to the support of Government bodies, Charities and Solicitors."

For more information contact Janine Scott on 0191 301 6713.

• The Northumbrian WaterAid committee has raised £5 million for WaterAid since 1981. You can find us on facebook – Northumbrian WaterAid.
• For more information, visit, follow @WaterAidUK or @WaterAid or @WaterAidPress on Twitter, or visit us on Facebook at
• Since 1981, WaterAid has reached 23 million people with safe water and, since 2004, 21 million people with sanitation.
• Around 1,400 children die every day from diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation.
• Over 650 million people are without safe water, or one in 10 in the world.
• 2.3 billion people are without adequate sanitation, or 39% of the world′s population.

Remember a Charity
• Remember a Charity ( was formed in 2000 and now has over 140 member charities, working together to encourage more people to leave a gift to charity in their will. Legacies form the foundation of charities in the UK. Many charities depend on legacies, without them, they would not exist. Remember a Charity is the Institute of Fundraising’s long-term campaign to increase legacy giving to charities.

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