Protecting nature at work and home


Spring has sprung at Northumbrian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water and hundreds of its employees have joined the company’s own ‘Nature Watch’ initiative.

TV Spring Watch presenter and wildlife expert, Chris Packham is leading the company’s new scheme to protect and enhance the natural environment.

The water company already plays a major role looking after the environment while managing its water catchments, reservoirs, treatment works, nature reserves and sites of special scientific and natural importance.

Now its employees have signed up to carry out their own wildlife survey on an area of land at, or close to, home.

They are watching and reporting on nature in everything from window boxes, their own or a friends garden, allotments, nearby parkland and other habitats.

Animals, birds, reptiles, butterflies, amphibians and insects, right down to the humble earthworm, are all being recorded.

It is planned to repeat the survey next year when it is hoped that the awareness raised has encouraged habitat improvement and really given nature a helping hand.

Chris Packham said: “The average garden size in the UK is about 160 square metres and if you take off space for things like sheds, garages, concrete and paving, the average garden still has about 100 square meters in which nature can flourish.

“So the hundreds of people taking part at Northumbrian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water have their eyes on many hectares of land and will be able to make a big impact.”

John Devall, Water Director, said: “We run a sustainable business hand in hand with the environment and always focus on protecting and enhancing the natural world at work. Our ‘Nature Watch’ scheme encourages our people to take that way of life home with them and to change their garden habitat a little, maybe with a bird box or wildflowers, provided by the company.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment and improve it for generations to enjoy and we hope that our ‘Nature Watch’ project will help to engage everyone both young and old. We are determined that with Chris Packham’s support we will be able to see a real benefit in the years to come.”

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