Traffic will flow on Tyne Bridge


The major route into Newcastle over the iconic Tyne Bridge won’t be affected by Northumbrian Water’s programme to protect tap water quality for the future.

By using innovative technology, the water company will be able to clean a water pipe running the full length of the Tyne Bridge without affecting traffic.

This part of its £66 million ‘The Main Event’ investment programme involves cleaning 850 metres of a 600mm (24 inch) diameter water pipe on the eastern side of the bridge.

The cleaning work, to be carried out by Seymour Civil Engineering, will begin on Monday January 20 and is expected to take up to four weeks to complete.

The old steel water pipe was installed in 1927 when the bridge was built and has been difficult to clean without major disruption until the use of the new technology.

By using pressure jets, the entire length of pipe will be cleaned from two locations either side of the bridge.

Stuart Tilley, Northumbrian Water’s project manager said: “Our mains cleaning programme will make sure that our customers continue to receive excellent quality tap water in the future.

“We appreciate that the Tyne Bridge is busy and want to make sure that we keep disruption to a minimum here and throughout the programme. Providing work proceeds as planned, traffic will not be affected.

“We hope that our customers will appreciate the long term benefits this scheme brings.”

Northumbrian Water will return to clean the section of pipe running along the western side of the bridge, using the same method, later this year.

Customers who require further information should call Northumbrian Water’s customer centre on 0845 717 1100 or visit

For further information contact Stef Johnson on 0191 301 5325.

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