Movie magic transports the Channel Tunnel to Kielder!

Movie magic transports the Channel Tunnel to Kielder


Movie magic transported the dividing line in the Channel Tunnel between France and the UK to underneath . . . Kielder Water!

A trailer for the new thriller “The Tunnel”, which is screened on Sky Atlantic HD from October 16, was filmed 170ft below northern Europe’s largest man-made lake.

The movie is about a hunt for a serial killer when a body is found lying across the exact point where France meets the UK in the Euro Tunnel.

Detectives from France and the UK meet at the spot where the body was found - which was recreated for the commercial teaser and filmed midway down the tunnel under Kielder Water.

Actress and fashion model Clémence Poésy plays the part of the French detective and Bafta winning actor Stephen Dillane is the UK investigator.

Clémence was Fleur Delacour in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ and Stephen plays the part of Stannis Baratheon in ‘Game of Thrones’ - two of many roles both the stars have previously appeared as.

Northumbrian Water’s Communications & PR Manager, Alistair Baker organised the filming and supervised the shoot with Kielder Dam maintenance technician Neil Welton.

Alistair said: “The different assignments and opportunities that working for Northumbrian Water provides for me in my role are really varied and can often be exciting and challenging.

“Being involved with the production of a top-notch film commercial was a real eye opener. Every detail was meticulously planned in advance and involved site recces by a team of different people. It took a crew of about thirty five people working on the day of the shoot for twelve hours before they had the quality footage needed to produce the trailer for the film which, in the end, is just sixty seconds in length.

“I’ve seen some sights but I never thought I would witness the Channel Tunnel being moved to Kielder for the day!”
The trailer can be viewed at:

For further information contact: Alistair Baker, Communications & PR Manager, 0191-3016851 / 07711-793493

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