Supply and demand


Plans to explain how water supplies are to be managed in the north east over the next 25 years have been published.

Northumbrian Water, along with all water companies in England and Wales, is required to publish a draft plan to explain how water supplies will be managed in to the future.

Members of the public are invited to see and comment on the water resource management plan, which outlines how the company plans to manage water supplies to meet household and business needs.

The need for new resource development, leakage levels, carbon emissions, economic analysis, assessment on customer water efficiency, the effects of climate change and future demand are all analysed in depth.

Northumbrian Water supplies water to 2.7 million customers and forecasts a surplus of supply in its plans. The north east compares well to the rest of the country as far as water resources are concerned and the major regional rivers can all be supported by Kielder Water.

This provides very high security of supply for customers and means there is no requirement to develop new water resources.

Customers of Northumbrian Water have until Sunday, August 4 2013 to view and comment on the plan by logging onto Feedback and comments should be sent either directly to DEFRA, in writing, or emailed to

Martin Lunn, Northumbrian Water’s Supply Demand Strategy Manager, said: "The plan affirms that we have abundant resources to serve the region for decades to come. This should give confidence to our customers and anyone looking to invest in the north east that there is a secure supply of water.

"While we are fortunate in this area to have the benefit of Kielder Water, we are not complacent about the need to ensure that no reserves are wasted. Treating and pumping water is very energy intensive so it is important that we strive to keep leakage down and work with our customers to be as water efficient as possible."

Following consultation, and further work with regulators, the final plans should be released in January 2014.

For further information please contact Sarah Pinkerton on 01268 664010.

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