Gosforth water improvements


Work to improve tap water quality to more than 400 properties in Newcastle upon Tyne is to begin next week.

Northumbrian Water is investing £250,000 to replace 1.7 kilometres of iron water pipes around the Salters Road area of Gosforth with non-metallic water mains.

The six month programme of work will begin on Monday March 25 2013.

A contractor working for the water company, Fastflow Pipeline Services Limited, will begin work on Broomfield Road and Mayfield Road, before moving along the A191 Salters Road to Archibald Street, Ivy Road, Elsdon Road, Linden Avenue, High Street and Woodbine Road.

Brian Hardy, project manager for the scheme, said: “This improvement work is essential as water mains in this area are not as reliable as they used to be and are prone to leaks and bursts.

“Although there will be some disruption, this will only last for weeks where the benefits of the scheme will last for years. Excellent tap water quality will be safeguarded for future generations, water supplies will be more robust and leakage reduced.”

It will be necessary to have temporary traffic lights in place for the entire duration of the work on the A191 Salters Road, from Gosforth Traders newsagents to the B1318 High Street.

Temporary traffic lights will also be in place on Archibald Street, Broomfield Road, Elsdon Road, Ivy Road and Mayfield Road.

Customers affected by the work will receive information about the scheme in writing.

Northumbrian Water urges residents to be vigilant about letting people into their homes while this work is being carried out. All Northumbrian Water employees carry identity cards and for extra peace of mind an access password can be registered with the utility.

For more information contact Leanne Clough on 0191 301 6733.

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