School′s got talent! Tapping into water wise creativity

Tap Rap


The search is on for creative secondary school students to help raise awareness of using water wisely.

Northumbrian Water has launched a competition to produce a three-minute play, poem, song, rap or animation to promote the ‘hot topic’ of water efficiency.

Pupils have to upload their performances to YouTube by Friday June 29 2012 and the winner of each category will win £1000 for their school.

Northumbrian Water’s Pam Lovell said: “We are very fortunate in the North East to have a plentiful supply of water. However, we should still only use the water we need and not waste it. When we waste water, we also waste energy. Every drop of tap water is treated twice in total - once before it arrives at customers’ taps and once before it is returned safely to the environment.

“This competition is a great opportunity for schools to get involved in an initiative to help change peoples’ behaviour when using water. Simple changes in our daily routine can save significant amounts of water and energy. Nineteen schools from the region have already entered and we hope to get many more entries.”

There are three age categories for judging: key stage three (11 to 14 years), key stage four (14 to 16 years) and sixth form (16 to 18 years). Judging will be based on the number of hits the performance receives on YouTube and also on the comments and marks given by a panel of judges. The number of hits will be calculated over a two week period from the day the performance is uploaded onto YouTube.

Pam added: “Schools still have time to register their interest for an application pack and pupils can upload entries any time from now until Friday June 29 2012.”

The initiative is part of Northumbrian Water’s ‘BAD HABITS cost the earth’ water efficiency campaign which aims to educate people, from tots to grand parents, on how to save water and the importance of looking after this precious resource. Each entry needs to include at least five of the below messages:

• wasting water (especially hot water) wastes energy;

• turn off the tap when brushing your teeth;

• shower rather than bath;

• use a bowl when hand washing dishes;

• take shorter showers;

• use a sink when personal washing;

• repair dripping taps;

• use full loads in washing machines;

• use a bowl when washing food;

• use water resourcefully in the garden;

• use full loads in dishwashers.

For inspiration, students can watch the water company’s own three-and-a-half minute tap rap video, which was filmed at northern Europe’s largest man-made lake, Kielder Water -

The rap was written and produced by the education hip-hop group, The Word, led by Amer Sheikh, and includes messages about respecting water. Pupils from Thornhill School Business and Enterprise College, in Sunderland, perform alongside their chemistry teacher, Amer.

Schools will be notified if they have won Northumbrian Water’s competition on Monday July 16 2012 and those that win will also enjoy a performance from The Word.

Students and schools who would like further information about the competition should email to receive an application pack which includes details of the competition criteria, competition rules and application form.

For further media information, contact Northumbrian Water on 0191 301 5538.

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