Sewer scheme update


Residents and commuters are being warned about a road closure as a £5 million sewer scheme continues.

Northumbrian Water is upgrading the sewerage network in Skinningrove, Loftus and Liverton Mines - 1.6km of sewer pipe, which runs between Loftus and Skinningrove, is being abandoned and 3.5km of new sewer pipe and three new pumping stations are being installed.

Work, which began in August last year, is due to be completed by Christmas 2012.

The sewer serving Easington, Liverton Mines, Loftus and Skinningrove runs along the banks of, and in some locations in, Loftus, Whitecliff and Kilton Becks.

In times of heavy rainfall the pipe, which is in a poor condition and is being abandoned, cannot cope with the amount of storm water and this has resulted in pollution. This scheme will also prevent water from watercourses getting into the sewerage network, which puts the system under unnecessary pressure and results in inefficient wastewater treatment. The risk of the new sewer pipe being exposed to damage is unlikely and it will also be much easier and safer to access for maintenance than the existing pipe.

To enable a section of new sewer pipe to be installed, it will be necessary to close a section of the B1366 (Station Road), between St Georges Terrace, Liverton Mines and The Station Hotel public house, Loftus, from Monday June 20 2011 for up to eight weeks.

A clearly signposted diversion will be in place and access for emergency services and properties within the road closure will be maintained.

Ian Davison, Northumbrian Water’s project manager, said: “We are pleased with the progress of this scheme. Disruption is inevitable when carrying out construction work of this nature. Residents and commuters should be reassured that we will do all we can to reduce inconvenience. This includes working longer hours while the B1366 (Station Road) is closed to ensure this phase of work is completed as quickly as possible.

“New sewer pipe has been installed along New London Road, the rear of Downe Street, Westfield Terrace, Coronation Road, Deepdale Lane, Deepdale Lane Footpath through Deepdale Woods to the A174 and then along Mill Lane.”

The three new pumping stations have been constructed in land west of Hirds Drive, Loftus, off St Georges Terrace (North), near the railway at Liverton Mines and in land at the rear of Downe Street, Liverton Mines.

Construction traffic requires access to working sites and the main site compound on the small industrial estate on Lantsberry Drive, south of Liverton Mines.

Northumbrian Water would like to reassure residents that, through careful planning with Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, it will do all it can to reduce disruption and inconvenience. For further information call the water company on 0845 717 1100.

For further information contact Cara Hall on 0191 301 6720.

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