Quality upgrade


A multi-million pound scheme to improve sewage treatment is underway.

Northumbrian Water is spending £3 million to upgrade Seaton Carew headworks.

The headworks, which is located on Tees Road, serves up to 100,000 people in Hartlepool, Seaton Carew, Hart, Elwick and Dalton Percy.

It consists of a pumping station and preliminary treatment works which screens and removes grit from wastewater, before it is transferred to Seaton Carew sewage treatment works for secondary treatment.

After secondary treatment, flows are pumped back to the headworks and returned safely to the environment.

Paul Wood, Northumbrian Water’s project manager, said: “Work at Seaton Carew headworks, which will hopefully be completed by December this year, will involve replacing, modifying and upgrading various processes and assets.

“The reliability of the works will be improved and the risk of mechanical failure, which can result in flooding at South End and Regal Close, will be reduced.”

The majority of the work will be confined to the site. A small amount of work will be carried out in the adjacent car park.

Construction traffic will gain access to the headworks via the car park on Tees Road.

Northumbrian Water is reassuring residents that everything will be done to keep disruption to a minimum.

For further information call the water company’s customer centre on 0845 717 1100.

For further information contact Cara Hall on 0191 301 6720, cara.hall@nwl.co.uk.

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