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An educational hip-hop group and a water company are to encourage young people to ‘rap up’ bad water habits.

The Word group, led by Amer Sheikh, has written a rap for Northumbrian Water which includes messages about respecting our precious resource, water.

Rachael Usher, 15, Beth Jameson, 15, and Holly Kilner, 14, who all live in Sunderland, and are pupils at Thornhill School Business and Enterprise College (Sunderland), perform alongside their chemistry teacher.

The group will perform Northumbrian Water’s ‘Tap Rap’, for the first time on Saturday May 28 2011 at the region’s biggest music festival, Evolution, set in the iconic and urban setting of NewcastleGateshead Quayside.

The Word, which has performed to around 90,000 people throughout the UK including members of the Royal Family, formed six years ago to raise the aspirations of young people by exploring topics including racism, respect for difference and bullying.

Amer, Rachael, Beth and Holly will appear on the emerging talent stage, located on the main Evolution site on Spillers Wharf, at 3.50pm.

Reporters and photographers and invited to hear a sneak preview of the rap and to meet the group on Thursday May 26 2011, at 10.30am, at Derwent Reservoir, located just off the A68 four miles west of Castleside, (DH8 9TT). We will meet at the fishing lodge.

This innovative venture is part of Northumbrian Water’s water efficiency campaign, ‘BAD HABITS cost the earth’, and is specifically aimed at educating secondary school pupils about the importance of saving water and energy. Simple changes in the way water is used can save significant amounts.

The three-and-a-half minute tap rap video, which was filmed at Northern Europe’s largest man-made lake, Kielder Water, will launch the utility’s YouTube page and also be uploaded onto the company’s website, after its debut at Evolution this Saturday. To view it on YouTube, log onto www.youtube.com/user/NorthumbrianWaterLtd

Northumbrian Water is to use the rap dvd to front a competition, which will be open to secondary schools across the North East. This will be launched in the Autumn (2011).

Amer Sheikh, who lives in Gosforth and has taught chemistry at Thornhill School Business Enterprise College for 12 years, said: "To be able to combine teaching and music, my two great passions, in this way is amazing! The Word is very proud that Northumbrian Water recognised our success and skills, and collaborated with our school outfit to professionally record the ‘Tap Rap’. We used a live band which was fantastic! Hard hitting lyrics and a funky beat will go a long way to connect with young people in our region.

"I am so proud of my students, Beth, Rachael and Holly. They have been involved in the planning, composition and recording of the rap and we can’t wait to perform it!"

Northumbrian Water’s Cara Hall said: "We are fortunate in the North East to have a plentiful supply of water, but that does not mean we should waste it. Tap water is treated twice – once before it comes out of the tap and once before it is returned safely to the environment. Water and wastewater treatment are energy intensive processes - by saving water, energy is also saved and carbon emissions reduced. Simple changes to daily routines, like turning the tap off when you brush your teeth, can save lots of water.

"Amer is a larger-than-life character and is extremely dedicated to everything he does. It has been so much fun working with him, Rachael, Holly and Beth - they are helping us to convey serious, important messages to young people in a creative, cool and innovative way."

Sunderland City Council′s Portfolio Holder for Children and Learning City, Councillor Pat Smith, said: "We are delighted that with our support The Word successfully continues to use music to get young people involved and thinking about important issues. Respecting scarce natural resources is just as important as tackling racism and bullying."

Northumbrian Water will also have a tent on the Ballast Hills site at Evolution. Festival goers will be able to get water and energy saving advice and also apply for a free water saving kit worth £20.

The kits, which include a shower aerator, shower timer, save-a-flush and tap insert, will save up to 95 litres of water per day and reduce utility bills up to £60 per year. Request one at www.nwl.co.uk/usingwaterwisely.aspx¬†or by calling 0845 717 1100.

For further information or to arrange interviews contact Cara Hall on 0191 301 6720.



Let me press rewind and take you to the beginning
To the first inning - to the olden days, the golden days
When values were as pure as water
No new water is made - we are usin’
What the Victorians saved
Re-awake any memories? It outta

Understand one thing before we begin
With haste you can waste and make reckless mistakes
Oh! We can’t live without H20?
This is something you just gotta know

See, my plea to you is as clear as water
Cant do this on my own
Rome wasn’t built in a day - all alone
Pull together, and open your eyes to realise
Its up to me, it’s up to you, what you gonna decide?

I’m movin’ on up but steppin’ back to basics
You’ve been given a chance, no time to waste it
Energy intensive, every drop is treated
Once for you and once for the environment

Look around what goes down underground
May not come

Get in the groove of good habits
Set by example before we’ve had it
Protect this treasure with all your will forever
This is ours to appreciate, sure as rainy weather

Think about the energy too
Causing damage ‘cause of me, ‘cause of you
Makin’ sure our decisions don’t cost the earth
Makin’ sure our decisions don’t cost the earth
Heard it twice?
Maybe you won’t the third time or the first

Let’s fast forward, like back to the future
Water is our greatest gift from Mother Nature
Count your blessing in jewels like Kielder
Simple steps will change your behaviour
Never too late to correct your mistakes
Bad habits is an no-no - a must know
Hold your thoughts down
Don’t let them evaporate
No regrets…too late

Can we afford to waste this H2O?
We should let it flow
Your bad habits cost the earth
We should remember what it’s worth
You can help us save water
By making your showers shorter
When brushing your teeth, turn off the tap
Take our advice and listen to this rap


• Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth – use a glass of water to rinse your mouth – save 13 litres every time.

• Shower rather than bath – save 10 litres every time.

• Take shorter showers – save 7 litres every time.

• Fill a basin when washing your face or shaving rather than letting the tap run – save 5 litres every time.

• Use a bowl when hand washing dishes – save 7 litres every time.

• Repair dripping taps – save 9 litres.

• Ensure washing machines have a full load – save 8 litres every wash.

• Ensure dishwashers have a full load – save 2 litres every wash.

• Use a bowl when washing food – save 3 litres every time.

• Use water resourcefully in the garden – use a watering can – save 4 litres every time.

• Log onto www.nwl.co.uk/usingwaterwisely.aspx for more advice and information on other water saving products.

• Work out how much carbon is produced by the processes used to treat tap water and wastewater by using a carbon calculator - www.nwl.co.uk/CarbonCalculator.aspx.

• Consider having a water meter fitted – most people reduce the amount of water and energy they use and reduce their water bill – to find out more log onto www.nwl.co.uk/Metering.aspx.

• Report water leaks free on 0800 393 084 – this is a 24 hour leak line.

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