Superheroes spread water-wise message


A group of cartoon superheroes have been on the move around the region, to promote the importance of keeping hydrated in sizzling summer weather.

Northumbrian Water’s ‘H2O Gang’, who help children to understand how precious water is for life, health and the environment, met parents and children to spread water-wise words as summer months approach.

The superheroes launched their latest comic at Northumbrian Water’s head office in Pity Me, Durham, where local children, seven-year-old Katelyn Dee from Consett, seven-year-old Chloe Martin from Washington, Tyne & Wear and nine-year-old Perry Houston, four-year-old Erin Rose Newstead and five-year-old Amy Louise Lawrence, all of Lanchester, Durham, were the first to hear the latest exciting adventure, titled ‘Beware the Water Waster’.

H2O gang member, Karl, said: “Tap water gives me my superhero powers and helps me concentrate. It’s important to drink enough water as part of a healthy lifestyle, especially in the summer months when it’s very hot and we need to replace the fluid we lose through sweating and going to the toilet.

“The latest comic is all about being water-wise and we’ve been giving tips to parents as well as children. Everyone can do their bit to become more water efficient, whether it’s turning off taps when brushing teeth, collecting rainwater in water butts to water garden plants or taking a shower instead of a bath.”

Perry Houston, aged nine from Lanchester, Durham, who was one of the first children to read the comic, said: “I drink plenty of tap water, especially at school where we have a water cooler and I try not to waste water when I’m at home.”
The H2O Gang make learning about the world of water fun, through school visits, an interactive CD-ROM, a series of comics and they also feature on Northumbrian Water’s website, The gang’s arch enemies, Dr Dry, and his henchman, Drip, are evil and want to rule the world by stealing or wasting all water.  It is up to the ‘H2O Gang’ to stop them!

For more information contact Leanne Clough on 0191 301 6733.

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