Osprey update - Kielder Water & Forest Park



The first of the three rare osprey chicks born this year in Kielder Water & Forest Park has made its maiden flight!

The healthy youngster (picture attached) - dubbed by locals Olympia - got airborne after days of stretching her wings and even taking quick hops on the tree top nest erected by the Forestry Commission.

Volunteers at the Kielder Osprey Watch, based at Northumbrian Water′s Leaplish Waterside Park, say she looked good in the air with just the odd clumsy landing.

Mum and Dad are still supplying her with fish from Kielder Water, but she did tuck into a meal on her own and the time is near when she will be taught to hunt for herself.

Two more chicks on the other nest in the 155,000 acre Northumbrian wilderness could fledge sometime next week.

For more updates go to the Osprey blog at http://kielderospreys.wordpress.com/

Media calls to Richard Darn - Forestry Commission - on 0775 367 0038

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