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Trailbuilders gear up to create another link on spectacular trail.

Images: Riders on the spectacular Lonesome Pine Trail in Kielder. Mark Pinder.

Mountain bike fans are being asked to gear up and help bridge a missing link on one of the UK’s most dramatic off road routes in Kielder Water & Forest Park.

Volunteer trailbuilders with Kielder Trail Reavers (KTR) working with the Forestry Commission have played a massive part in making the 62,000 hectare (155,000 acre) Northumbrian wilderness a prime mountain bike venue.

Now they have set their sights even higher.

They are building a 1.8 kilometre link on the forest’s famous 19 kilometre tough Lonesome Pine route, known as Capon Hassock, which takes in staggering views of the Border countryside. But they need more bikers to step forward and help complete the project. Chris Tait from Elsdon, chair of the Kielder Trail Reavers, said:

“Most of the gap in the route is filled by a forest road, but we want to replace that with an exciting red graded singletrack. We have made a good start and opened a sub-section in the last month, but doing the whole thing is a major job. With enough help we can make it happen. Our vision is for the whole section to be built within five years and the entire mountain biking community will benefit.”

Alex MacLennan, North East Public Affairs Manager with the Forestry Commission, added:

“Some of Kielder’s first off road routes were built by volunteers, who continue to make a massive contribution in designing, building and maintaining trails. Few new routes are being built anywhere in the UK at the moment so this project helps us keep up the momentum. At Kielder we have a tremendous biking network for all abilities and the project will give new sections of trail that are different from what′s already in the park."

To recruit new trail builders and explain the latest plans the Reavers are holding a trail building day at 9.30am on Sunday 10 June at Kielder Castle. Everyone is welcome. Come in outdoor clothing and you can get building straight away! Visit www.kieldertrailreavers.co.uk  

In a separate move another 1.2 kilometres of moderate graded trail is being constructed on the popular Osprey Trail giving a shortcut for riders pressed for time in tackling the whole 20 kilometre route. The section is being designed for youngsters and beginners to singletrack trails allowing them to hone their skills before tackling tougher routes found elsewhere in Kielder.

Media calls to Richard Darn on 0775 367 0038.

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