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A new national web portal, LandlordTAP, covering England and Wales has now been launched to make it easier for landlords and agents to inform Water Companies of changes of tenancy.

You can use this portal to quickly and easily inform Water Companies of:

• Properties you own or manage
• Changes of tenancy in these properties
• Changes of ownership/management

The portal allows you to view and maintain your property portfolio online in one easy to use place and upload your properties in bulk to minimise data entry. Registration only takes a few minutes at

If you are currently using our NWL Landlord Property Management Portal you can still log in here.

However there are several advantages of moving to the national web portal, including the ability to:

• have multiple login accounts per company
• include any properties you own or manage throughout England and Wales
• see which companies are providing water, sewerage and billing services for the property
• upload property data in bulk to minimise data entry
• download reports on your portal properties

If you would like help migrating your existing property portfolio to the new national web portal please email us on and we will be happy to assist you with this.

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Landlord Tap  

The new LandlordTap national landlord portal allows you to easily list, view and manage tenancy notifications to water companies for properties you own or manage. Register / Log-in

NW portal login

Landlord property management  

If you are an existing user please use this link to log into the NW landlord property management area to view and manage your properties. Log-in

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