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New or replacement water connections

This section contains all the information you need to apply for new connections to our existing water mains.

You may require a new water connection if:

1) You′re building a new property and require a permanent water supply

2) You require a temporary building supply.

3) You′re converting a property into multiple units with individual supplies.

4) You′re installing fire apparatus (sprinkler supply).

5) You′d like a supply for irrigation purposes (for example: bin stores, landlord or agricultural use).

You may want a replacement water connection if:

1) There′s a need to replace old lead, galvanised and other metallic pipes. Please see our lead renewal guidance.

2) A larger sized water connection is needed because of an increase in water usage. The existing water supply is then relocated.

3) An existing property has been demolished and new / properties are being constructed.

4) A property is on shared supply and requires a separate supply.

5) A property is divided into multiple properties (with a shared supply).

If you require a new water supply connection from our existing water mains, please complete either the domestic or commercial application form - please click here.

If you are developing a large site, you may need to lay new water mains. If you do require a mains requisition - please click here.

Your connections online


Please use our online portal to submit your application and monitor the status of your new water connection. Find out more

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