Water mains

This section contains all the information you need for sites that require new water mains installations.

If you are building a development comprising of more than one property and there are no water mains in the immediate vicinity, you have three delivery options for the new mains and service connections. Your choices are:

• Appoint a Self Lay Provider (SLP) to do the work and we will subsequently adopt the new assets;
• Ask us to do the work, commonly referred to as a requisition;
• Use a New Appointment and Variation company (NAV) to be the provider and owner of the new assets.

Follow the links above to:

  • Download a pre development enquiry application,
  • Get information on mains design, self lay and mains diversions.



This page contains the charges relating to new developments.

Maps of our assets


Northumbrian Water's asset plans are available upon request. Find out more

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