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Sewer requisitions

Sewer requisitions

If your site has no means of drainage to an existing public sewer due to third party land, Northumbrian Water can provide a public sewer for the purpose of draining domestic flows if requisitioned to do so under the Water Industry Act 1991.

Developers will be required to contribute towards the costs of the work. The charge is dependent upon a number of factors including the cost of the work, the number of houses served and how quickly the houses are occupied.

We strongly recommend that developers negotiate access across third party land. The applicant must exhaust all negotiations with landowners before applying for a sewer requisition.

Requisitioning is not a quick option. Our experience from previous sewer requisitions tells us that Requisitioners should allow at least ten to twelve months from the submission of the S98 application form to the construction starting.

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Section 98 sewer requisition - application form
Section 98 sewer requisition - guidance notes  
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