Water mains

Self lay

Self lay

We support developers that wish to construct their own mains. This is commonly referred to as ′Self Lay′.

Self Lay is the process where a developer instructs an accredited third party, known as a ‘Self Lay Provider’, to install new water mains and/or services.

Before commencing a Self Lay scheme, we recommend that both the developer and the Self Lay Provider (SLP) familiarise themselves with the current nationally agreed 'Code of Practice for the Self-Laying of Water Mains and Services'.

The Code of Practice can be found via the following link - Code of Practice for the Self-Laying of Water Mains and Services.

If you would like to construct new water mains and/or services under the Self Lay process, start by filling in our Water Mains Application form below:


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    Water mains application

    Please use this form to apply for a mains requisition or self lay mains.


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    Self Lay Local Requirements

    January 2018.


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    Self Lay schedule


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    Meter Request Form


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