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New Sewer Connections (S106)

New Sewer Connections (S106)

Use this page when you are proposing to connect a property to our sewers (either working directly on our network or indirectly via a private drain). You will need to submit a sewer connection application. For further information please refer to the guidance document below.

Who will make my connection?

If connecting directly, you can choose to use one of our framework contractors to make the connection or you can choose to use your own qualified contractor. If you choose to use your own contractor they will need to meet certain criteria and will need approval from us before they have permission to work on our network. Within the application form is the list of documents they will need to provide. We will also need to carry out a site inspection.

If connecting via a private drain you can use a contractor of your own choice to make the connection and Northumbrian Water will not need to approve them or carry out an inspection as the works are being carried out on a private asset.

You and/or your contractor must not complete any work on the public sewer without prior agreement from Northumbrian Water.

When will I receive a response?

On receipt of a complete application we will issue you with a response within 21 days.

Can I have the new drain adopted by NWL?

If you tick the option for a lateral drain adoption on the application form, we will advise you if your drain can be adopted.

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Sewer Connection Application
Sewer Connection Guidance Notes
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