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First time sewerage

First time sewerage

Under section 101A of the Water Industry Act 1991 (WIA 91) sewerage undertakers have a duty to provide a public sewer to resolve certain environmental issues.

This is limited to circumstances where existing drainage systems, that are not connected to existing public sewers, are giving rise, or are likely to give rise, to adverse effects on the environment and/or amenity and the most appropriate way of resolving those effects is by providing a public sewer.

Owners or occupiers of properties may ask Northumbrian Water to consider providing a public sewer in accordance with Section 101A where the sewerage system causing the adverse environmental effects, serves two or more domestic properties.

Where there are currently no or envisaged to be any adverse affects on the environment:

a) owners or occupiers of two or more properties may apply to requisition a sewer under section 98 WIA 91or apply under section 104 WIA91 for Northumbrian Water to adopt sewers designed and constructed by the applicant
b) the owner or occupier of a single property may apply to connect to an existing public sewer under section 106 WIA 91.

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