New development process

What we do and how we can help!

New development process

Before you start

Your first port of call for any new development should be to obtain a copy of our records from our Property Solutions team via the ′Maps of our assets′ webpage.

Getting a copy of our records will help you through each step of the process, and will help you determine if any of our water mains or sewers are crossing (or close to) your site, and if there′s anything there for you to connect to.

Starting any development work without knowing exactly what is under the ground is extremely risky and can result in unexpected cost.


New development . . . what we do

We play an influential role in the property development process to ensure new development does not compromise the performance of our network or treatment assets, both water and wastewater. We do this through a number of activities which include:

- working with our partners at local planning authorities and developer organisations at the earliest stage of any proposals to develop land for either housing or commercial use
- working with local planning authorities and developers to deliver more sustainable solutions to water supply and drainage
- responding to planning applications from the local planning authority
- making sure our assets are suitably protected when building or roads are built over them
- making sure that any new water or sewer network assets are constructed to the required standard
- influencing planning policy within our region
- influencing national policy for new developments

Maps of our assets


Northumbrian Water's asset plans are available upon request. Find out more

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