Dealing with leaks

Dealing with leaks

You (or your landlord) own the water pipes on your premises and are responsible for repairing or replacing these if a leak occurs. This includes underground pipes inside the boundary as well as those inside any buildings.

How to check and find problems

If you have a water meter:
• Turn off the stop tap located inside of your premises.
• Locate your external stop tap which contains your water meter.
• If the dials on your water meter are still turning you may have a leak on your supply pipe between your meter and the internal stop tap.
• If the dials are not moving, turn the internal stop tap back on and then follow the advice below to check for leaks on your internal pipes or fittings.
If you do not have a water meter or need to check your internal pipes and fittings:
• Check all of the apparatus on your premises for faults e.g.overflow pipes, internal stop taps and fill and flush urinals. Listen for the sound of running water as it is not always visible.
• Check that your heating, hot water and auto flush system (if you have one) are all working correctly.
• If you identify a problem inside your premises and have check meters and valves installed, use these to help you locate or isolate it.

It is important that you carry out these checks at least quarterly as part of your regular maintenance routine. We also recommend that you include sluice valves, fire hydrants and standpipes. This will allow you to carry out repairs quickly

Carrying out repairs

As well as wasting water, these problems can cause damage and result in higher bills.

We can carry out repairs on your behalf. Our Pipeline Solutions team can find leaks and/or carry out repairs including the final reinstatement. Call 0800 028 3557 for advice or a quotation. You can of course choose to have your plumber carry out the repairs or contact your retailer, who may also provide this service.

If you spot a leak in the street

Check if it has been reported!

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