There may be times when you need a supply of water outside of our normal service. In these instances hiring one of our standpipes could be the solution.

All of our 20mm standpipes are fitted with a meter to record usage and are stamped with an individual serial number to make them easily identifiable. They are also fitted with a double check valve and 20mm hose union bib tap.

Standpipes are available for collection from three depots Durham,
Cramlington and Thornaby.

Our standpipes can only be used on washout hydrants. Details of the locations of these hydrants can be provided by our Operations Team by contacting them on 0345 717 1100.

Please note: the water supplied through hydrants is not suitable for consumption.

Hire charges and payment

Please find below the 2019/20 charges for a 3/4" metered standpipe:

1 month £102.00 £20.40 £122.40 £219.00 £341.40 10m3
3 months £208.00 £41.60 £249.60 £219.00 £468.60 30m3
6 months £330.00 £66.00 £396.00 £219.00 £615.00 50m3
12 months £556.00 £111.50 £667.20 £219.00 £886.20 75m3
Additional usage is charged £1.2852 + VAT per cubic meter.

Payment for the hire of a standpipe must be made upfront. We accept debit or credit cards (not AMEX), cheque, BACS or cash. A VAT receipt will be issued on receipt of payment.

What is a standpipe?

A standpipe is a free standing pipe which is fitted with a tap. This can be attached to a wash out hydrant to get a water supply where there is no water source, for example on a construction site.

Where can I use a standpipe?

A valid license will permit you to draw water from an
NWL washout in a designated area. Permission must
be obtained if you wish to change the location unless
otherwise agreed. A washout is visually different from
a Fire Hydrant (see opposite), the latter are for use by
the relevant brigade and come under their jurisdiction.

How do I use the standpipe?

Please click on the links below to view some video tutorials to help you, once you have hired a standpipe.

Turning off the flow

Turning on the water

Regulate flow

Can I use my own standpipe?

It is a criminal offence to use a standpipe other than our approved model and you are subject to a fine of up to £1,000.00 for drawing water from our network, via any method, without permission.

What size standpipe can I hire?

We only hire out 20mm standpipes (3/4”) in our area. If you require a larger supply of water it may be worth you getting in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Will a standpipe key be included so I can turn on the hydrant?

We can issue a key with the standpipe, which must be returned at the end of the hire period.

How can I pay for the hire of a standpipe?

We accept payments via debit or credit cards (not AMEX), cheque, BACS or cash.

When will my deposit be refunded?

On return of the standpipe within the agreed time, with no excess consumption or damage, we will refund the deposit to you via BACS or cheque, whichever is preferred. The standpipe must not be modified in any way, if the apparatus is returned in such a state that it cannot be rehired immediately the deposit will be retained. This also applies to situations where the standpipe has become blocked during use.

What happens if I arrange the hire of a metered standpipe but later decide that I no longer need it?

Half of the monthly hire charge will be due from the applicant if a standpipe hire is arranged and then cancelled, or the metered standpipe is not collected for any reason.

Do you offer a delivery service?

Currently we cannot deliver standpipes to you, these can be collected from one of our depots:

Pity Me, Durham, DH1 5FJ

Trenchard Avenue, Thornaby, TS17 0WQ

East Hartford, Cramlington, NE23 3AS

Do I need to take care of the standpipe?

Over 100 standpipes were returned damaged in 2017, due care and attention must be taken to avoid losing your deposit. This includes safeguarding against frost damage during the winter.

How can I protect my Metered Standpipe against frost damage?

Ensure the Metered Standpipe is drained after use by opening the tap and turning the apparatus upside down to allow any water in the meter to escape. In addition the Metered Standpipe should not be left outside or in site cabins or vehicles, where there is no insulation.

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    The provision of a standpipe for hire by Northumbrian Water.


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    Standpipe policy

    For the hire and use of metered standpipes and hydrants.


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