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Sewerage services

Sewerage services

We provide sewerage services in the Northumbrian Water operating area. The current charges for these services can be found in the following document.

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Developers charges 2014/15

Section 42 update

On 1 October 2011, the Government transferred the ownership and maintenance of many private drains and sewers to water companies.
As a developer operating within our region, the transfer of responsibilities is likely to have implications for sewers and drains you may have constructed. These sewers may or may not be part of a current sewer adoption agreement. There are also implications for sewers that are being constructed now and those being constructed in the future.
The future enactment of Section 42 of The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 will make the adoption of all new sewers and lateral drains mandatory. It will also introduce Mandatory Build Standards for new sewers and lateral drains.  It was widely anticipated that this was to happen in April 2014.  However, in August 2013 the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs confirmed that the introduction of the Mandatory Build Standards for new sewers along with the supplementary transfer of existing lateral drains and private sewers are to be delayed.  No new date has been announced for the proposed enactment.
More details on the above changes are available on our web page ′Private Drains & Sewers′:

Pre-Development enquiry applications

For a full capacity study for proposed developments, our Pre-Development Enquiry service will provide information regarding the impact the proposed development will have on our existing sewerage network and its ancillary assets, together with identifying any associated costs involved with upgrading or diverting our assets to provide sewerage services for the new development.

Before submitting your request please read the Pre-Development Enquiry Guidance which explains the procedure in more detail. Supporting layout and location plans should also be attached to your Pre-Development Enquiry Application form.

Once you have completed your application please return it with any accompanying plans or schedules to our Development Control email address:

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Pre-development enquiry - application form
Pre-development enquiry - guidance notes

Building over or in close proximity to a public sewer

If you are planning any development work or construction, such as a property extension, you will need to check the location of the public sewers with us.

Should the location of a public sewer prevent land development or a property extension, it may be possible to build over the sewer, this will be subject to our approval.

If you have any queries regarding Building Over of Sewers please contact NWL on 0845 717 1100.

New sewer connection (S106)

Northumbrian Water Ltd offers two options for making a new connection to an existing sewer:

1) NWL’s approved contractor can carry out the work for you at your expense


2) You can request that NWL approves a contractor of your choice to carry out the work (Please note NWL’s consent is not guaranteed).

In both cases a completed application form must be submitted to NWL along with the appropriate supporting documents and the appropriate fees. Please note that dependent on the area to be drained to the public sewer you may be required to complete a Pre-Development Enquiry prior to making a connection application.

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Sewer connection - application form
Sewer connection - guidance notes
Sewer connection - method statement form

Adoption of a new sewer (S104)

You can make an agreement with us to adopt a sewer prior to its construction. You will need to apply for a Section 104 Sewer Adoption Agreement. On adoption the sewer will become part of our sewerage network and maintained at our expense. We follow the nationally approved document ′Sewers for Adoption 6th Edition′, published by WRC on behalf of Water UK.

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Sewer adoption - application form
Sewer adoption - guidance notes

Innovative construction products for new sewers

These guidance notes and forms are only to be used in conjunction with S104, S185 or S98 applications. They enable us to ensure appropriate use, design and construction of new products in the construction of adoptable sewerage assets.

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Innovative construction products for new sewers - Guidance note
Innovative construction products for new sewers - Product sheet

Diverting an existing sewer (S185)

If the location of a public sewer prevents land development or property extension, it may be possible to divert the sewer(s) via a Section 185 Sewer Diversion Agreement.

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Sewer diversion - application form
Sewer diversion - guidance notes

Abandonment of a public sewer (S116)

In some circumstances it may be possible to close a public sewer so that it can be abandoned, which may remove a potential restriction from any future development of the site and may make any site remediation works easier. Before we consider applying to close part of the public sewer network, we need to be absolutely certain that the length being considered is no longer in use and has become redundant.

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Abandonment of a public sewer - application form
Abandonment of a public sewer - guidance notes

First time sewerage (S101A)

Under section 101A of the Water Industry Act 1991 (WIA 91) sewerage undertakers have a duty to provide a public sewer to resolve certain environmental issues.  This is limited to circumstances where existing drainage systems, that are not connected to existing public sewers, are giving rise, or are likely to give rise, to adverse effects on the environment and/or amenity and the most appropriate way of resolving those effects is by providing a public sewer.

Owners or occupiers of properties may ask Northumbrian Water to consider providing a public sewer in accordance with Section 101A where the sewerage system causing the adverse environmental effects, serves two or more domestic properties.

Where there are currently no or envisaged to be any adverse affects on the environment: 
a) owners or occupiers of two or more properties may apply to requisition a sewer under section 98 WIA 91or apply under section 104 WIA91 for Northumbrian Water to adopt sewers designed and constructed by the applicant
b) the owner or occupier of a single property may apply to connect to an existing public sewer under section 106 WIA 91.

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Section 101A - application form
Section 101A - guidance notes

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