Water meters

Installing a meter can reduce water and could save you money.

Considering a water meter?

Saving money is a priority for most businesses. A water meter can help because:

• You have more control over your bills as you only pay for what you use.

• You become more water efficient reducing waste which helps conserve valuable water resources.

• There is a free survey (where we discuss the right location for the meter).

Selective metering

It is our policy to meter business properties wherever practicable and we have a program to selectively meter the majority of those non-domestic properties that are currently unmetered. This includes mixed use properties where the non-domestic part is the principal use of the premises. This also includes non-domestic properties where water is used for domestic purposes and/or the property is in multiple occupation for example, guest houses, nursing homes etc. The meter installation is free in these cases.

Optional metering

Non-domestic customers do not have to wait to be selected for a meter installation but can choose to have a meter fitted under our meter option scheme. We will try to include your installation within our selective metering program however if this is not possible a fee may be charged. To find out the possible costs involved click on the link below ′Additional information for commercial meter installations′.

If you would like a free survey please complete our online application form or alternatively ring us on 0345 717 1100.

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    Additional information

    For commercial meter installations.


Call 0345 717 1100

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Installing a meter can reduce water usage and could save you money. Apply for a meter online

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