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Water mains and services

Water mains and services

We provide water mains and services in the Northumbrian area dealing with the whole process from initial enquiry to connection to the water system.

This section contains all the information you need to apply for new water mains and connections; new or replacement water connections; temporary and building water supplies. The diversion of any of our existing water networks or ancillary assets must be discussed with one of our New Development advisors by calling 0845 609 4639.


The current charges for these services can be found in the following document.

Document PDF
Developers charges 2014/15
′Building water′ charges - applicable from 1 August 2013
′Building water′ charges and temporary supply charges policy 

Pre-development enquiry applications

For a full capacity study for proposed developments, our Pre-development enquiry service will provide information regarding the impact the proposed development will have on our existing water mains and their ancillary assets, together with identifying any associated costs involved with upgrading or diverting our assets to provide water services for the new development.

Before submitting your request please read the Pre-development enquiry guidance which explains the procedure in more detail. Supporting layout and location plans should also be attached to your Pre-development enquiry application form.

Once you have completed your application please return it with any accompanying plans or schedules to our Development Control email address:

Document PDF
Pre-development enquiry - application form
Pre-development enquiry - guidance notes

New water supplies

If you require a new water supply from our existing water mains, please complete either the domestic or commercial application form that is shown in the table below.  Included within the application form are the guidance notes to help you complete the relevant details.  These can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link.

Applications should be returned with a site location and site layout plan to the address printed on the form. Alternatively you can fax your information to us on 0191 419 6510 or email a scanned version of your application to

Document PDF
Domestic application form and guidance notes - for a house, flat, conversion or independent supply.
Commercial application form and guidance notes - for a shop, office, industrial unit, sheltered housing, watering point, field supply or temporary supply.
A quick guide to the new connection process - this will help guide you through the steps in the process.
Our terms and conditions - this describes our service to you, our payment terms and conditions and our connection requirements. 
Water supply application guidance note 6 – pipes entering buildings and standpipe/temporary building water supplies

If you are building a development comprising of several properties and there are no water mains in the immediate vicinity, you may requisition water mains from us. For enquiries regarding requisition applications please contact us at

Alternatively we support developers who wish to construct their own mains. For information on this Self Lay option, including guidance and application forms, please view our Self Lay Policy via the link on the right.

Water reuse systems

Document PDF
Water reuse systems - Guidance and advice


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