Business solutions

As well as providing water and waste water services to our business customers, we offer a range of expert and dedicated solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Property Solutions

Property Solutions offers a comprehensive range of conveyancing searches for residental and commercial property transactions. Searches include local authority searches, environmental reports, coal mining reports, drainage and water enquiries, utility searches and more.


Environmental services

From monitoring stack emissions to noise, vibration and air quality assessments and legionella control, Northumbrian Water offers a range of environmental services to customers throughout the UK.

An extensive range of analyses is carried out at our in-house UKAS accredited laboratory in Newcastle, enabling us to give accurate and prompt results to our clients.


Scientific Services

Our laboratories are recognised as being among the best in the UK water industry. Our analytical services cover a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors, and we work across the UK to help safeguard your business. Our services include the sampling of waste water and effluents, potable water and analysis of contaminated land.


Pipeline Solutions

Pipeline Solutions provides water and waste water site solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial customers. They offer a range of services including water mains infrastructure replacement, leak detection and repair, through to installation of water consumption monitoring systems and specialist water metering.


Account Management

The Account Management team provides a dedicated and expert service to meet the water and waste water needs of our large key business customers.


Northumbrian Water International

Northumbrian Water International uses the skills within Northumbrian Water to deliver water and waste water management services in Gibraltar, Scotland and Ireland. 

Metering services

To manage water on your site you have to measure it. Reading your meter everyday will give a basic daily consumption as well as identify if there is a large burst on site. However, it will not provide the level of information required for detailed analysis of consumption patterns on your site. For more information about controlling water consumption please contact our commercial department on 0191 301 6744.

Leak detection

If you require leak detection services, please call Pipeline Solutions on 01661 855 513 for more information.

If you spot a leak in the street or highway, call our leak line on 0800 393 084 (freephone - 24hours).

Water infrastructure installation and repair

We are the region′s experts in repairing and installing underground pipes. From a small service pipe to a large diameter steel water main, we have the equipment, the fittings and the experience to offer a 24-hour service to our customers, please contact our commercial department on 0191 301 6744.

Water quality information

Quality of water is important to many customers and their processes. Potable water has to pass stringent European and British quality standards and we proud of our year on year water quality improvement.

We are able to provide you with detailed water quality information relevant to your supply, free of charge. This information is called a Schedule 4 report. To obtain a report you will need to provide us with your postcode. If you would like a Schedule 4 report or require further information contact us on 0845 717 1100 (local charge).

Water supply fittings advice

We can give you advice on the correct water supply fittings for your site. This will help you ensure that the quality of your water is maintained, waste is minimised and the health of your employees and customers is protected. We are qualified to carry out legionella assessments and advise on the control of hot and cold water systems.

Conveyancing searches

Northumbrian Water Property Solutions is the region′s leading provider of conveyancing searches for both commercial and residential property transactions. In association with some of the UK′s leading data providers NWPS provides essential searches that property professionals depend on.

Laboratory services

Northumbrian Water Scientific Services (formally known as AES) operates nationwide from our extensively equipped UKAS accredited laboratories. They specialise in the monitoring and analysis of drinking water, wastewater, contaminated land, dioxins and furans.

Environmental consultancy

Northumbrian Water Scientific Services are experienced consultants who can ensure that your business is, and remains, compliant with environmental and health and safety legislation. They offer expertise in the fields of air stack emissions, noise and vibration, ambient air quality and legionella control.


The most recent seminar for our business customers was Planning for tomorrow, today: a water resources and contingency planning seminar held on Tuesday 23 October at our offices at Pity Me.

The event chaired by Matthew Glover included presentations from our employees David Chapman, Richard Seales, David Bruce and Kevin Morrell along with key speakers from Durham and Darlington Civil Contingencies Unit and Ineos Newton Aycliffe.

This successful event considered the impact of climate change on water resources in our area and throughout the UK as well as highlighting some of the activities Northumbrian Water has undertaken to ensure our customers continue to benefit from a robust supply of clean, safe, drinking water. The excellent external speakers provided a wider perspective on contingency planning and business continuity outside of the water industry.

Copies of each presentation can be downloaded via the links below.

′Water Resources and the Impact of Climate Change′ - David Chapman
′Northumbrian Water’s Promise to You′ - Richard Seales
′Maintaining Supplies′ - David Bruce
′Contingency Planning′ - Peter Bodo
′Resilience in Northumbrian Water′ - Kevin Morrell
′Ineos Utilities Contingency Planning′ - Bernard O′Brien

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