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    Retail competition

    The retail market for non-household customers is now open.

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    NWGROW is Northumbrian Water’s bioresources operation. It focuses on the treatment and recycling of biosolids to agricultural land.

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    Property Solutions

    Property Solutions is a department within Northumbrian Water that provides a range of conveyancing searches that assist in property purchases.

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Did you know… Landlords can now register to manage their property portfolio online

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To reach our taps, water has to be taken from the natural environment, highly treated, delivered to the places where we want to use it and cleaned again afterwards.

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    Water quality

    Water quality is checked at every stage on its journey to your taps.

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    Dealing with leaks

    We have a duty to all our customers and to the environment to promote the wise use of water and to find and repair leaks as quickly as possible.

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    Retail competition

    As of April 2017, businesses, charities and public sector organisations will be able to choose their water retail service provider, just as you can with other utilities such as gas and electricity.

  • Sewer flooding

    Sewer flooding

    Sewer flooding is a very serious issue and we are committed to reducing the risk of it occurring in our region.

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Check your water quality and see if there is any planned work in your area.

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NWSS labs

Northumbrian Water Scientific Services

NWSS has a strong reputation for delivering high quality scientific services to all its customers.

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