Beat the freeze - wrap up for winter

Beat the freeze

Essential information and tips to help protect your property from frozen and burst pipes during the cold weather spells.


• If you're going away this winter, try to leave your heating on at a low level to keep your home frost free.

• Make sure your pipes are properly insulated, inside and out.

• Make sure you know where your internal stopcock is and that it works. (The internal stopcock can usually be found under the kitchen sink.)

• If possible, set your heating to come on for short periods every day to help prevent pipes freezing.

• Beware of fire risks and never use a heater in the loft or attic.

• Check for draughts around windows and doors and insulate where possible.

If you are going away from home and cannot take any of these steps, you should turn off your water supply at the internal stopcock and drain your pipes and tanks.

A word of caution . . . if we get long cold spells, static water in pipes will eventually freeze despite lagging.

If your pipes freeze

• Turn off the water at the internal stopcock.

• Turn off central heating boilers and put out fires which heat back boilers.

• Turn on all taps to drain the system, making sure you do not leave any plugs in.

• Watch the pipes for any splits which may develop.

• Apply gentle heat to the pipes. Use a hair dryer, heat lamp or fan heater. Do not use a naked flame or blow torch.

• Start at the tap and work away from it leaving the tap open to allow thawed water to escape.

• When you believe the pipe has thawed, turn on the water at the internal stopcock slowly.

• Check for bursts. If you find any, turn the water off again and call a plumber.

• Check for leaks

Beat the freeze winter offer

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    Beat the freeze

    Essential information to help protect your property from burst pipes


Dealing with leaks

dealing with leaks  

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