Water meters

Installing a meter can reduce water usage and could save you money.

How to find and read your meter

We will try to read your meter before we bill you each time, but if we cannot gain access we will leave a card. If you do not then provide a reading we will estimate your bill.

If you receive an estimated bill, but would like it to be based on a real reading, we are happy to accept a reading taken by yourself and will reissue your bill based on this reading.

For full details of how to find and read your meter please see the link below and follow our step by step guide.

Once you have taken your reading you can send this to us using our online form
Update your meter reading. Alternatively you can ring our automated meter reading line on
0845 601 3364.

Don’t wait until you receive your bill to check your meter reading. Taking readings at regular intervals and monitoring your usage is important as it could alert you to possible problems on your supply.

Downloadable content

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    Reading your meter

    Useful information on how to find and read your meter.


Call 0845 733 5566

to inform us of your meter reading.